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B19-4387 The FTD® True Romance™ Rose Bouquet

Dès 55€00

Red and pink roses arranged in a vase

Spirited Grace Lily

Dès 116€00

White Oriental Lily Bupleurum greens clear vase

Blooming Bounty Bouquet - Basket included

Dès 55€00

White daisy poms hot pink mini carnations purple carnations arranged in a basket

C17-5187 The FTD® Shades of Purple™ Bouquet

Dès 65€00

lavender gilly flower, purple double lisianthus, lavender chrysanthemums, purple Peruvian Lilies, and purple statice, accented with white Asiatic Lilies and lush greens presented in a modern purple swirled glass vase.

C22-4888 A Bit of Sunshine™ Basket by FTD®

Dès 66€00

C22-5181 The FTD® Blooming Embrace™ Bouquet

Dès 66€00

lavender roses surrounded by purple carnations, white gilly flower, green button poms, and lush greens in a classic clear glass vase.

C23-4454 The FTD® Peace & Serenity™ Dishgarden

Dès 66€00

. A collection of incredibly beautiful plants is accented by stems of white Peruvian lilies. The presentation arrives in a natural woodchip rectangular basket

C27-4527 The FTD® Loving Light™ Dishgarden

Dès 71€00

A palm plant, peace lily plant, dracaena plant and philodendron plant create an exquisite look when brought together in a 7-inch natural woodchip basket

C3-5153 The FTD® Nature's Bounty™ Bouquet

Dès 66€00

Rich red roses, orange roses, orange spray roses, orange gerbera daisies, orange Asiatic Lilies, flame mini calla lilies, red hypericum berries, and an assortment of lush greens are perfectly arranged in a oval stained woodchip basket

C6-5242 FTD® Bright & Beautiful™ Bouquet

Dès 71€00

Yellow Asiatic Lilies are surrounded by hot pink roses, pink carnations, yellow solidago, and lush greens in a classic clear glass vase for a gift that exudes warmth and happiness.

D2-5189 The FTD® Birthday Cheer™ Bouquet

Dès 55€00

Hot pink roses and orange Asiatic Lilies are vibrant and fun surrounded by purple Peruvian Lilies, hot pink mini carnations, green button poms, purple statice, and an assortment of lush greens vased

D4-5199 The FTD® All For You™ Bouquet

Dès 62€00

Sunlit yellow Asiatic Lilies, sunflowers, red carnations, red spray roses, yellow Peruvian Lilies, purple larkspur, and ivy vines are expertly arranged in a clear glass bubble bowl vase

D5-5202 The FTD® Bright Days Ahead™ Bouquet

Dès 69€00

Orange roses, hot pink gerbera daisies, yellow gerbera daisies, hot pink carnations, green button poms, bupleurum, and lush greens mingle together to create a sunlit display while seated in a classic clear glass vase

Boys Are Best! - Basket Included

Dès 77€00

White lilies lavender carnations lavender daisies greens arranged in a basket with a balloon

D7-4906 The Girl Power™ Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED

Dès 66€00

Pink roses, pink Asiatic lilies, pale peach carnations, pale green mini carnations and lush greens are exquisitely arranged in a clear glass gathered square vase.

D9-4910 FTD® Sunshine Daydream™ Bouquet

Dès 55€00

3 sunflowers are accented with solidago, lily grass blades and lush greens in a clear glass tapered square vase

E2-4305 The Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUD

Dès 60€00

Red roses arrranged in a vased

E2-5240 The FTD® Lush Life™ Rose Bouquet

Dès 71€00

Hot pink, orange, and red roses vased

E4-4822 The Simply Enchanting™ Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE I

Dès 44€00

6 Red roses in a vase

E6-4821 The Pure Enchantment™ Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE IN

Dès 77€00

Hot pink, lavender and orange roses arranged in a vase.

E8-4304 The Long Stem Pink Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLU

Dès 71€00

Pink roses in a vase

E8-4812 The White Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED

Dès 71€00

White roses arranged in a vase

E8-5235 The FTD® Blazing Beauty™ Rose Bouquet

Dès 77€00

Salmon roses and coral roses vased

E9-4817 The Sundance™ Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED

Dès 71€00

Cream, white, orange and pink roses in a vase

S16-4471 The FTD® Si

Dès 236€00

white hydrangea, larkspur, snapdragons, Queen Anne's Lace and assorted lush greens

S22-4485 The FTD® Be

Dès 132€00

Asiatic lilies and Peruvian lilies are highlighted by stems of fuchsia carnations and spray roses as well as Bells of Ireland and assorted lush greens

S2-4437 The FTD® Bla

Dès 189€00

White chrysanthemums form a blanket of blooms that drape across the casket accented with an arrangement of white roses, white double lisianthus, Bells of Ireland, ivy, sword fern and a variety of lush greens

Morning Stars

Dès 120€00

White roses carnations gladiolus stock Oriental lilies white urn

S31-4509 The FTD® Loving Sympathy™ Basket

Dès 66€00

Lavender roses, pink Asiatic lilies, lavender daisies, purple matsumoto asters, green hypericum berries and lush greens are sweetly arranged in a square whitewash basket

S3-4442 The FTD® Tre

Dès 159€00

Bright white roses, Asiatic lilies, mini carnations and cushion poms are beautifully arranged to form an elegant wreath

S37-4522 The FTD® Bl

Dès 177€00

Lavender roses, pink carnations, pink Asiatic lilies, blue hydrangea, yellow stock, lavender button poms, solidago and lush greens

S38-4217 The FTD® Ri

Dès 189€00

yellow roses, Asiatic lilies and dendrobium orchids with greens

S4-4443 The FTD® Lig

Dès 78€00

White Oriental lilies vased

S5-4446 The FTD® Pea

Dès 201€00

White carnations are arranged in the shape of a cross accented in the middle with white roses and spray roses

S8-4451 The FTD® Res

Dès 159€00

White tulips, roses, snapdragons, Oriental lilies, larkspur, carnations and Monte Casino asters are accented by the bright green stems of Bells of Ireland

C13-5036 The FTD® Pink Dream™ Bouquet

Dès 49€00

Pink roses and pink mini carnations ,white Asiatic Lilies, Peruvian Lilies, chrysanthemums, and statice,lush greens clear glass vase.

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